Instructions for Drawing blood for Chromosome Studies


1. Please fill out the request form completely, including tentative diagnosis and clinical history; this is necessary for us to determine the type of test to be performed.

2. Use SODIUM heparinized vacutainer tube. Other preservatives including other types of heparin are unacceptable and specimens in the wrong preservative will not be processed.

3. Draw 5 ml of venous blood into the heparinzed vacutainer tube. Mix heparin and blood by gently inverting the tube several times. Blood should be kept at room temperature.

4. Label the tube with patient's name and date drawn.

5. Send specimen as soon as possible : Specimens will be accepted until 4:30pm. Specimens drawn after this time should be held until the following day.

6. Please call the lab at 02-2224-2326 to inform us that a specimen will be coming.

7. Thank you for your cooperation.